Advice on raising my 1.5 year old son Catholic?
Hey everyone. I have a 1.5 year old son but he isn't baptized yet. I am going to get him baptized after Easter. I am a single mom and I have been trying to practice the faith for about 6 months to a year now after a period of falling away from the Church. Anyway, I have a little boy whose name is Colton. He is 1.5 years old and I want to start raising him in the faith as best I can but I have no idea where to start. I'm a convert to the Catholic Church so I have no idea how Catholics raise their children in the faith.
Try to find a group of conservative Catholic homeschooling families in your area and if there is a Latin Mass parish nearby please join it you want priests who are serious about the faith.
(03-20-2017, 06:47 PM)salus Wrote: Try to find a group of conservative Catholic homeschooling families in your area and if there is a Latin Mass parish nearby please join it you want priests who are serious about the faith.

Thanks for the advice salus! I appreciate it. What other advice might you have? I am wanting to show him how to pray and such but I have no idea how to get started.
When he gets a little older, there are a great many books he could read.

This website has some wonderful things:

They also have Rosaries for children: (toward the bottom of the page)

This also looks like a nice Bible for children:
Kids learn by seeing and doing.

You teach by doing and letting them see.

If you want them to learn prayers, you pray with them, learning as you go if necessary. My youngest (2.5 years) can lead the Hail Mary, the Glory Be, the Our Father and knows most of the Apostle's Creed by sitting on my knee when we say rosary out loud as a family. My 8-year-old actually knows the Mysteries better than me! If you're not sure how to do it, there's little booklets that break it down for you. We do only 1 decade with our littlest ones. We light a candle when we pray to make it special and it helps them pay attention.

You go to Confession and make a full Confession if you haven't already. Wipe the slate clean and get the graces you'll need.

You go to Mass with him. You don't use the crying room, but you get excited about what you see up front. Get a little missal that explains the parts of the Mass and the prayers/reading to follow along with. You teach him that the host is really Jesus. You show him how to use the Holy Water to bless himself (and watch he doesn't use the toilet to practice at home...  LOL). You encourage him to genuflect and make the sign of the cross at appropriate times.

You pick up a few books about the faith so you yourself understand it and can explain it to them. A Baltimore Catechism (get a level 0 or level 1 if you really need a refresher) is a great place to start

You get some picture books to read with him that talks about the faith. Read picture books that embue the values you want to impart. Message me if you want a list for what we like to use.

Expose them to the music. There's tons a great kids music out there.

Choose 1 or 2 things to do, and start there. Maybe it's saying the Hail Mary, the Our Father and the Glory Be at bed each night. Maybe it's saying grace. Maybe it's getting a picture of Jesus and putting it on your wall and talk to him with your child each day. Maybe it's saying the Angelus at noon.

Your child will lead where ever you follow. Decide where you want to go, and start walking there.

What PrairieMom said is spot on. 

Set up a prayer corner.  Offer him stories of the lives of the saints.  Live your faith - every day.  Bring the liturgical year alive with celebrations at home. 

FYI - There are some beautiful YouTube videos of various traditional chants with fantastic images.  We sing a hymn every morning together and the associated images have a profound impact on my kiddos.  They love those videos and look forward to singing the hymns.  In fact, those songs are sung all day long because they get into the children's heads - and mine. Smile

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