Catholic priest stabbed at the altar in 'hate crime'
From Christian Today:

"A man aged 72 has been charged with stabbing a Catholic priest just minutes before mass began on Sunday.

The man is alleged to have stabbed Father Tomy Matthew, from Kerala in India, after he shouted at him: 'You are Muslim or Hindu... I will kill you.'

Mathew was about to begin an Italian mass at St Matthew's Catholic Church in Fawkner, north Melbourne, when the stabbing happened.

A 72-year-old man man was charged with intentionally and recklessly causing injury earlier this morning, Australian press reported. He was released on bail until the next hearing on June 13."

More here:
Quote:Father Abraham Kavilpurayidathil, spokesman for the priest's Thamarassery diocese in India, said Father Tomy had pastored St Mathew's for the last four years. He said the effect of the stabbing was ameliorated by thick clothes the priest was wearing in the cold weather.

Thank God!  The priest did not receive life-threatening injuries...and the 72-year-old man who stabbed him was...allowed out on bail?!  Crazy.  That was attempted murder.  Also, it's a rather zany Indian priest, saying Mass in Italian, in Australia, stabbed by an Italian man.  Hard to keep straight!  I pray the priest recovers quickly and the man goes to confession and repents!

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