What about bodily excercises - possibly a sin?
What about bodily excercises such as going to gym and running. Usually, if I'm having an effective workout in gym or running, I'm exhausted both bodily and mentally. My brains don't work like they would without working out. If I lift heavy weights, my reasoning skills goes a little bit down.

Thomas Aquinas wrote this: "With regard to drunkenness we reply that it is a mortal sin by reason of its genus: for that a man, without necessity, and through the mere lust of wine, makes himself unable to use his reason, whereby he is directed to God and avoids committing many sins, is expressly contrary to virtue."

So can excercise become a mortal sin like drunkenness, if it decreases reasoning skills? I guess it could be said that working out doesn't lead to same kind of carelessness of morals and God like drunkenness can lead to (this seems to be Aquinas' main point, why drunkenness is a sin).

But then again, also sleeping is a state, where a person is unable to use his reason, and nobody thinks it is a mortal sin. But sleeping is a necessity, and workout doesn't seem to be a necessity, although working out can help to get rid of anxiety and depression.

What do you say? Is this my scrupulosity again?
C'mon, JiiVee....

I guess any activity could become sinful.  Like I said before, maybe you should have a long talk with your priest about these issues.  Yes...it does sound like some scrupulosity going on, but...your priest is a better judge of that than I or anyone else here.
Not to denigrate your post, since this could conceivably be an issue for you (that is for you to figure out with a priest) but the premise just sounds goofy and alien to my life experience. Do athletes experience the equivalent of "getting smashed" through rushing endorphins and exhaustion, and, deprived of reason, allow the base pursuit of bodily pleasures to rule over them? Maybe in some gyms of the Greek persuasion?

Remember that Aquinas said that it was permissible to intentionally drink to the point of hilarity. So doing something pleasurable that makes you feel a little funny, unclear, or a little confused is not in itself sinful unless you impair your moral judgment.

Follow these to a T.

Don't enable your scruples by asking repeatedly what is a sin and what isn't. Let your [properly formed] conscience convict you of grave sin. 
One needs to take care of the body. Unless you work a manual labor job, exercise of some sort is needed to keep the body healthy. It wouldn't make sense to call this sinful.

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