The Existence of Hell.
This isn't a question meant to undermine or put really into question Church teaching or its legitimacy. But I am just curious as to what the answer would be. If God doesn't create evil, then why did he create Hell? Or how did hell come into existence? Pretty simple.
God, having created angels and men with reason and free will, gave His creatures the ability to  choose either Him or themselves as apart from God.  Hell is in itself not evil, but is rather the continued existence of the creature apart from God--save for His holding the creature in existence forever.  The primary suffering of the souls in Hell is the realization of their own profound insufficiency and inability to provide for themselves what only God can give.  In the immediate presence of God Himself, the devils--as angels--were utterly resplendent and in their pride they fancied themselves as being at least as great as or indeed even greater than God.  Apart from Him Who alone created them, and without Whom they are nothing, the devils and lost human souls realize their own nothingness and begin to hate God, his creatures, and, by extension, themselves.  Therefore, Hell is simply that: the triumph of self-love which, without God's immediate presence, is deformed into profound and eternal hatred and regret.  In other words, Hell is the due consequence of a free will turned in on itself, or in other words: sin.
Like the above poster said, hell shouldn't be thought of as something just existing because God wanted it to.

Hell is the immediate, logical consequence of evil existing in the will of rational creatures, whether human or angelic, and all evil must face justice. The moment that a creature chose to act in an evil manner, hell of necessity began to exist as also did purgatory since when we die, we are supposed to go immediately to heaven. In the order that God desires, all men should always follow His will and hence be perfectly united to Him in love; when we die, we shouldn't need to go to purgatory. Purgatory, and hell like it, exist only because men cling to evil and choose to commit sin.

So in a certain sense, it wasn't God who created hell, but the demons and men who choose and persist in evil who created hell.

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