Any St. Philomena devotees out there?
Anyone out there a devotee to Saint Philomena?  How helpful has she been in your spiritual life? Any miracles or answered prayers?  Just curious, because I read that she is very, very powerful, and that she has given many, many miracles and I wanted to see if anyone had a personal experience of this.  I once had a devotion to her, but it fell to the wayside several months ago and am hoping to get that started up again. I know she helps a lot with purity, and living in the world we do, that is very useful!
I suppose I would be considered a devotee of St. Philomena. She is the patroness of the Universal Living Rosary Association (ULRA) and that organization has been instrumental spreading her devotion worldwide, as well as recitation of the rosary. There is also the Chaplet of St. Philomena, which I recommend for those who have a devotion to her.
I'm not personally a devotee, but there is an item for sale on various e-shops called St. Philomena's Cord, for those who are interested.

You can get it, and all kinds of other St. Philomena-related items, here:

I can't vouch for this website enough. Over the years, I've received two veils, a brown scapular, a Rosary, my Douay Rheims New Testament and Psalms, and the book A Right to Be Merry from their apostolate. Everything I've received has been high quality.

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