St Isidore of Seville
Isidore, archbishop of Seville and brother of the saintly Bishop Leander, ranks as the most outstanding person in the Church of Spain during the seventh century. Because of the singular holiness of his life, he was idolized by the people. Wherever he appeared, throngs gathered about him. "Some came to see the miracles that he performed in the name of the Lord. The sick came to be freed from their sufferings, for the power of God emanated from him and he would heal them all" (Bollandists: April 1, 340).

He is regarded as the great restorer of the Spanish Church after the Visigoths returned to the Catholic faith. He also contributed greatly to the development of Spain's liturgy. He presided over the fourth provincial council of Toledo (633), the most important in Spanish history. Rich in merit, he died in 636 after ruling his see 40 years. St. Gregory the Great was one of his personal friends.
His work called "Etymologiae" is one of my favorite books. Allowing a bit of work to correct the factual errors the book inherits from its sources, and to add to it the most important additional information subsequent work on the same subjects has provided, it would make a fantastic model for a homeschooling curriculum. 
He is also the patron saint of the internet because of his exhaustive writings. St. Isadore of Seville, pray for us!

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