Chemtrails: GAO report admits "chaff"
quoprimum Wrote:Kathy,
Here is the weird site I saw when I googled chemtrails. I am just trying to read more about it and this site just made me think [Image: pazzo.gif]There may be something to this, I don't know, but wow ..... It seems a little "out there". I do know I live in NM and I see trails that don't disappear for a long time. We are indeed close to 2 military installations. Here is what I read ,then thought alrighty then....[Image: pointandlaff.gif]( I got the word wrong, it is Sylphs)

** Important Breakthroughs in eliminating Chemtrails! Please Read***

April 2005: The massive appearance of Sylphs in 2004 (see next paragraph below- August 2004) and their neutralization/transmutation of chemtrails into harmless elements was a huge leap forward in neutralizing the diabolical chemtrail genocide aerosol spraying operation, but apparently we have progressed to yet another level. People are now reporting the ability to clear the skies of chemtrails by use of the mind alone to obtain assistance from unseen helpers (Sylphs and others) and do the job for you based on your focused intention. It's really amazing to see this development. I first posted an article in 2002 by Rich Work about using the mind and the the power of prayer to disperse chemtrails, and now we see this ability coming into reality with many people. You can read more at these links:

In Christ

I have been reading the Educate Yourself website for some time, and can give you all further info on it. Mr. Ken Adachi, a fallen-away Catholic turned New Ager, maintains the website. It is a mixture of legitimate reports and articles about alternative medicine, cutting-edge science, suppressed news and - unfortunately - occultic/pseudo-Hindu nonsense.

He has, over the years, reported verified stories about:

government manipulation of various New Age and Evangelical Protestant groups;

ritual child abuse in elite circles;

mind control experiments on an unsuspecting American public;

alternative healing methods and sciences that threaten the medical establishment;

reports on chemtrails and dispersing them via orgone science, pioneered by the ex-Marxist and ex-Freudian Dr. Wilhelm Reich and so on.

The down side is that since he left the Faith to follow some Hindu swami (I'm going on memory on this one, and will stand corrected if wrong), he also promotes certain Eastern/Hindu silliness like shakras, remote viewing, the belief that ours is a "holographic universe" and that thoughts can change reality - literally. He also believes that the Bible isn't the Word of God because it "went through numerous translations" and that the Council of Nicea was something terrible.

IMHO, it's okay on info on dispersing chemtrails through orgone science, how to avoid many diseases we're inflicted with, and keeping watch on New Age - New World Order nonsense. But regarding idiocy like "channeling aliens" and Edgar Cayce and believing dolphins having sentience like humans, run far away from it.

In summary, the Educate Yourself website is a mixed bag at best. Discernment is needed, so please be careful.

Thank you for your time and attention. [Image: asianbow.gif]
Check out this scientific paper: "Stratospheric Injection of Reflective Aerosols or Particles by Means of Aviation Fuel Additives"

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