Advice for clearing up scars?
Paging Zedta!  :grin:

I used to struggle a whole lot with acne on my face. I still get the occasional pimple, but it's much more under control now and I have access to medicine that clears them up quickly. The problem is I have some scarring on my chin and right cheek. I don't have the funds to get anything from a dermatologist like a chemical peel, so does anyone have suggestions for home remedies or lifestyle changes/additions I could try? I would really appreciate it.
I don't know if this will help, but I have Psoriasis on my hands. They used to crack open a bleed like a laceration. I got turned on the Aquaphor ointment (BTW; I buy WalMart's version, and it works just as well. It is called "Advanced Healing Ointment" and comes in a round tub container and says it is an Aquaphor equivalent on the label.) You can find it at any drug store. It takes some time, but I don't suffer from the dry, cracked, bleeding skin anymore. I've also hear that oil inside a broken open Vitamin E capsule can work wonders on a scar and so will coconut oil. Pregnant women will swear by cocoa butter for stretch marks, so it could work too.

Good luck!
Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. :)
Just a little addendum to my previous post: I have to use the ointment daily and without fail for the stuff to keep my hands clear of plaque formations. I put it on thick and cover my hands with cotton gloves while I sleep. I recently skipped two successive nights and am paying for it now with areas of plaque and peeling, dead skin on one hand's fingers. I add this little notation to stress that it will require daily or better applications for best results.

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