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The only thing to remember when using these things is that they are drugs.  Even food is a drug.  Just because it's natural, does not mean it is safe.  Hemlock is natural, and you don't want to drink a cup of that.
Usually, they won't do anything too bad if they don't work.  The bigger concern is if you are taking pharmecueticals and a holistic/home remedy they can sometimes interact.
So if you're on meds and want to start taking herbs or whatever, talk to your doctor first to avoid interaction.  Even things like vinegar in a large dose can cause a ph change that would render certain meds inert, possibly putting someone at risk.
As Paracelsus said, it's the dose that makes the poison or cure.  St. John's Wort in a salad is a lot difference than taking high doses of the same herb where it becomes a medicine instead of a foodsubstance.  And, at that point, you can almost guarantee it will interact with other meds.
Plato was of the opinion that you should be in good health from exercise, etc., because most doctors only hack at you and very few can fix you.  Nice to see things haven't changed in 2500 years!
I certainly hate taking meds and prefer natural remedies when possible.  If nothing else, there are less nasty side-effects.  Just (have I stressed this enough?) remember that natural remedies are medicines, too.
I think I'm going to try the cider vinegar - I had never heard of that.  I need weightloss and energy!

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