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I am not taking the ACV for anything in particular - just for overall health, but the recommended dose is 2 tbls of ACV with 2 tsp of pure honey in a glass of water 3x a day. I actually started it because of my daughter. She suffered with severe migraines almost every other day - they were pretty bad. Nothing was helping, not even strong pain killers. I did some research and discovered that ACV supposedly helped for that. I started her on the dose described above and made her drink that every day. She has had about 3 headaches since then (that was over 2 months ago), and when she DOES get one, I give her the ACV mixture and it stops the pain within 10 minutes.
As an aside, if you notice after taking it for a few days, that your tongue feels "burned" (it happened to me), then this means that your body's electrolytes and buffers are seriously depleted/imbalanced and is having a hard time assimilating the nutrients in the ACV. To bring your body up to speed, you will have to either A.) add 2 tsp pure baking soda (use a tall glass, it really foames up LOL) to the ACV mixture, or B.) mix 2 tsp pure baking soda with water and drink that separately 2-3 times a day. I had to do it for 2 weeks, but it worked. Of course, not everyone will have this problem.

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