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Many people at our church know quite a bit and have benefited much from natural cures and health foods.  I was raised on "Wonder bread", white table sugar, and Lucky Charms so it is taking me a while to get this.  I <b>did</b> start taking flax seed and definitely noticed a difference in my health but when I saw my friends drinking ACV I said NO WAY!  Then I read this post and checked out the website.  So I got some and I drank it.  I wasn't sure if I was going to be sick or not, but after a minute or two of swallowing I was safe[Image: smile.gif].  That said...I felt great today!  Maybe it was all in my mind since it was only one serving of the stuff and I really felt I deserved to feel great after swallowing something like that, but I really did feel more energetic and not so "sludgy".  So I will take it again tomorrow and offer the sips up for the Holy Souls and if I drink enough of this I just might get healthier, lose the weight I need to lose <b>and</b> get people to Heaven.[Image: cheerleader.gif]

I also read about the oil pulling and find that rather fascinating.  I have been meaning to try it but so far haven't remembered before I have eaten anything. If any of you have tried it let me know  what happened.


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