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argaddini Wrote:Also, if I (or you really) truly believe the outrageous claims that were made by those quacks about ACV, then I would be building distilling colums in my back yard and taking and taking out loans to buy apple futures.

Quackery is in the eye of the beholder.

argaddini Wrote:Let me illuminate. Penis pills have been peddled for at least a century (but probably for a longer time). None of them worked. Nobody cared. Then viagra came along. Eveybody knows about it and everybody knows it works. Why, because it does. If any of the quack pills that came before it worked then we would all know about it too. We wouldn't need phizer to take out a patent or anything like that. It's not a conspiriacy. It's reality!

The reality is that viagra has serious and life threatening complications associated with its use. It also had an enormous mass media marketing campaign- the likes of which are only fairly recent, so of course previous pills cannot compare by popularity. Also, I think that the "penis pills" as you call them are meant for size enhancement, not ED. Two different things.
Anyway, a quick look at the ingredients and precautions associated with each type of product show that the "quack" enhancement drug ingredients are innocuous doses of various vitamins, minerals, and herbs that are safe to use as directed. The prescription drugs for ED carry the risks of blindness, dangerous drop in blood pressure, and priapism that can result in permanent damage, to name but a few.
Guess which drug looks like quackery to me. Hint: it's the one that can kill you.
S.A.G. ~ Kathy ~ Sanguine-choleric. Have fun...or else.

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