Catholic Community in Hyattsville MD
I'm shocked NPR published this, but I'm not surprised at the success of St. Jeromes!

Maybe we finally have a Catholic Amish-like alternative!
I also caught that article this morning.  I wonder if they offer the Tridentine Mass; I couldn't find anything on their website.  But on the flip side:

Folk music?

I'm almost tempted to move, but MD has some really goofy nanny state gun laws.  If I have to go to an NO parish, I'll stay where I'm at.  My current parish is about as reverent as the NO can be; Latin incorporated into the Mass, and the pastor takes the time to discuss proper etiquette for Mass, and the idea of there is sin and moral absolutes(shocking! :O).  Still the town becoming Catholic dominated sounds intriguing.
"Emphasizing a contemporary repertoire, primarily from the Gather 3 hymnal"

Jaws theme intensifies

The 10:30 A.M. Mass sounds great, though.

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