Meditating on the Fourth and Fifth Glorious Mysteries
I get distracted during the Rosary at the best of times, but I have trouble meditating on the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (as well as her Glorious Coronation). The other thirteen mysteries of the Rosary are mentioned in Scripture so I have read about them, but I know very little about the Assumption of Our Lady. I have heard that there is a tradition that all the Apostles were gathered to her bedside.

Does anyone know of any resources that describe the Assumption? Any revelations to people (like those of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich about Jesus)?
Have you tried praying along with a video? I find the visuals really help with the meditation.

I highly recommend both Fr. Groeschel and Simonetta's 'The Rosary is a Place': well as Fr. Patrick Peyton + movie clips:

I used to have major problems trying to meditate on the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary(I have no attention span).  I have found that I have to break up each decade into sections that look at different aspects of a decade or things in close relation to it.  This works for me,  it could work out terribly for others.

Meditation on some of the following thoughts have helped me with the Mystery of the Assumption:

1)Think of Our Lord's love for his Mother, having put her under the protection of the Holy Apostle John.  It seems to me in her final years leading up to her Assumption she probably would have assisted St John in his ministry of the early Church.  Not only that,  since St John was a priest it seems more than likely she would have had frequent access to the Holy Eucharist.
            -Considering this we should pray to God that we may assist Holy Mother Church just as our Our Lady did.
            -We should also thank God for the Love he showed the Beloved Apostle and Our Blessed Mother.  And through this learn to see how he does the same for us in
            our own lives.
            -And we should also give thanks for the availability of the Sacraments, and  pray that they may always be accessible to us.(Consider places that only had access to a priest once a year).

2) The Dormition
          - We should pray to God that we end our lives on earth in union with Him just as Our Lady did.(Final Perseverance)
          - It may also be nice to pray that we avoid Purgatory.

3)  The Assumption itself
        -A gift of Our Lord not only for Our Lady, but a strong reassertion of His Promise of the Resurrection for us.
        -Meditate on our future with the Blessed Trinity, what it would be like to finally see God face to face,  imagine how wonderful that must have been for Our
        -Think of the Joyful reunion of Our Lord and Lady in Heaven.

Hope this helps.

PS-  I forgot to mention.    With regard for sources on Our Lady's Assumption read  St John of Damascus' homilies on the subject.
It may be helpful to read Munificentissimus Deus, the Apostolic Constitution of Pope Pius XII when he declared the Assumption a dogma of the faith.

Also, here's a wonderful little book called Hail Full of Grace with methods of meditating on the rosary.



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How about reading the Propers for the Assumption  (pre Pius XII version) or read the prayers and readings for the same feast in the Eastern Rites? Traditionally "Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi " was taken by some to mean that the content of the prayers and services actually teach the Faith. The old patristic readings for Assumption in the old breviary and the readings in the East are rich.  Ponder them than take that to your rosary.

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