How has your Lent been?

                                                            Holy Thursday I visited 3 churches and today for Good Friday I visited 3 more. Just 10 years ago it would probably have been 5 for Holy Thursday and 6 or 7 for Good Friday, but it get's harder and harder in Chicago. To the vast majority of people around here it's just another day.
Please pray for my family folks.  Little Joey spiked a temp of 101.7 - which for a preemie is troubling.  Three of my other four are sick and I haven't slept much at all lately.  It is looking like at least some of the family will be home from mass tomorrow - on Easter.  I just want to curl up and sleep for the next year or so.  What a horrible way to end Lent!
:pray: :pray: :pray:

I'll keep y'all in my Rosary intentions today.

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