Holy Week Eucharistic Miracle Under Investigation in Argentina (Church Militant)
Very exciting!

"An Argentine diocese is investigating a possible Holy Week eucharistic miracle. The diocese of Rafaela, in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina reports that on April 11, a group of young people from a drug rehabilitation home in San Miguel was praying in adoration when one of them noticed the glass of the monstrance containing the Host steaming up.

What followed was the flow of "a bright red substance, while the faithful sang and prayed," as described by Juan Ternengo, coordinator for San Miguel parish.

As soon as they were informed of the situation, Fr. Alcides Suppo and Bp. Luis Alberto Fernández headed off to the small chapel. The bishop spoke to those who witnessed the possible miracle and decided to remove the Host so the phenomenon could be investigated. "

More here:

Here is a picture of the Host as it bled in the monstrance:

[Image: host1.png]
There is a recounting of the event, as well as video footage of the Host, beginning at the 53 second mark of this video.


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