Some Brahmins explain how they met “the true God only in the Catholic faith"
Full title: On the eve of conversion, some Brahmins explain how they met “the true God only in the Catholic faith"

From AsiaNews:

"A number of Hindu Brahmins are preparing for baptism on Easter eve after years of catechesis. They are doing so because they say they found the true God in the Catholic lifestyle. Some of them spoke to AsiaNews about their journey of faith towards Jesus.

"I was born into a family that was thoroughly Brahmin,” said Sujan Poudel, from Kathmandu’s Baniyatar parish. “Going to church and reading the Bible was a taboo. But one of my friends in college was Catholic, and so I got a Bible and started reading it at night, after my family had gone to sleep.”

afterwards, “I started going to church and attend catechism classes. This helped me find out why the Catholic faith is important in a person’s life. After years of efforts, I realised that the true God is what we experience in the Catholic faith.""

More here:
At the end of the article it states that "more Nepalese were interested in Catholicism since Nepal became a secular state" which I found interesting.  I wonder if some of these conversions are more about what the radical egalitarianism of modern Catholicism offers as opposed to the strict shackles of a caste system according to the old ways than any genuine theological aha moment. I'm genuinely curious.

It's the same with Muslims that convert, do they do it because they REALLY accept Trinitarian theology and the Incarnation or because Christianity is one step closer to laxity and secularism and--at least outside Orthodoxy or radio trad Catholicism- --way less strict than Islam? again, I'm just curious.
Well it is interesting here that these people went through years of catechesis. Most people in the west probably go through maybe 8 or so months of once per week catechesis and they're ready to become fully baptized and confirmed Catholics. Certainly a huge difference.

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