What are the different types of spiritualities?
Now, I am going to sound stupid, so forgive me in advance. 

I have heard that there are different types of spiritualities within the Church.  How exactly can this be?  I don't deny it, just how is it that there can be many types, since it is the same Faith, and there is the same end regardless. 

So, for instance, how is it that Benedictine spirituality is different from Franciscan, or Passionist from Jesuit, or even Byzantine from Maronite or Melkite?  Is the difference merely in focus?

Interesting question, try this article.

The same end?

Not so friend. Those natural branches of the vine that is the anointed of GOD do not produce good fruit towards the sustinence of the creation of GOD, they will surly be pruned that the whole of the vine may profit, and as such, the creation of GOD.


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Just as different people have different personalities so also there are different spiritualities. Some spiritualities emphasize poverty, others silence, Some place more emphasis on one mystery or another of the Faith. It doesn't mean that there is more than one faiith it just means that there are different personalities within the Church and the different spiritualities are  different reflections on that.

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