Evangelization and Conversion
(04-30-2017, 04:58 PM)Panum Wrote: Oh Now, I just pointed out that it is falsely attributed to St. Francis.




Falsely attributed, yes. I don't know who said it; but it is attributed to St. Francis. Like I said, there's a reason why I didn't say something like "There's something St. Francis said that is meaningful here:"

ETA:  on second thought, most people would likely read it as you are. I'm going to add "falsely" or some such to that line... Thanks.
(04-30-2017, 04:10 PM)PrairieMom Wrote: Huh. We had a homily back just before Lent started about how we're supposed to Evangelize, but we're not supposed to convert anyone, especially other people of faith. Because their faith is valid and we might make them feel bad. Because Pope Francis said so.

Then we had a homily celebrated the growth of our parish and one in a nearby town. How much growth! How fabulous! Until I pointed out to my husband that the only reason why they grew is because the population had been propped up by scads of immigrant from the Philippines coming in to work at the pork processing plants. That's not growth - that's immigration. Most of those families only have 1-2 kids, so in a generation we'll be right back where we started.

We can't even keep our own kids in the church - we need to evangelize to them first.

It is similar with my home parish.  I go to an SSPX chapel right now for a litany of reasons, but I have ties to the local parish and several friends there.  I was told by a friend of mine that the parish council said that Saint Mary's was to be the only parish in the county...  that is, no growth and growth is not desired at all.  But then they say that the parish is growing and that is great! But it grows because there are tons of Mexican immigrants and migrant workers coming up, there are about 1000 registered Catholics at the parish, 200 of them are non-latinos. 

And those Latinos need to be evangelized, too!  Some people assume that the Latin Americans are more faithful Catholics, and that just simply isn't true, they are just like us, except maybe a little more pious. I always joke with my fiancee whenever we go to quinceañeras or went the Spanish language mass ( no mas!!) I got really well acquainted with my shoes and pants, and the floor was my best friend, because I'd have to stare at them to keep custody of my eyes! (I am not saying this to be offensive or judgmental, I realize what culture we live in and I know to dress differently is counter-cultural, and I have my own faults I need to work on, but some of the women, and I mean women who are mothers, even grandmothers, dress like "working girls".)  And the men are no better, my fiancee tells me the only reason Mexican men come to mass when they are in the states, is because their wives and kids can't drive themselves so they have to go.  In Mexico, men don't go to mass.  She said they never, never go, except for baptisms and confirmations, and quinceañeras, and maybe Our Lady of Guadalupe Day and Christmas and Easter.  Now of course, there are notable exceptions to this, very notable exceptions, but they are few and far between.

The point being, those people who expect the Latinos to save the Catholic Church in America don't expect the Catholic Church to save the Latinos.

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