How Divine Mercy saved a Satanist (CBCP News)
"MANILA, Jan. 17, 2017 – How does it feel to have a miracle happen right in front of your eyes? A Divine Mercy devotee based in the U.S. recounted on Jan. 17 what she calls a “Divine Mercy miracle” story at the sidelines of day 2 of the 4th World Apostolic Congress on Mercy (WACOM) about a young American inmate who claimed he came from a line of Satan-worshipers but who would later on have a stunning conversion.

“He tells me his grandpa, dad, and himself were all Lucifer-worshipers, and he cuts himself and drips blood on people he prays over because he said Satan has given me a gift of healing,” said Tess Poling, membership director of the Divine Mercy Support Network of the Diocese of Sacramento in California.

According to her, she met the 24-year old high security inmate during one of her visits to the Folsom State Prison as a chaplain volunteer in the 1990s.

During their first conversation, “Michael” revealed he loved the Psalms and got to read them when someone gave him a Bible when he was incarcerated in the county jail but was unwilling to give up his Satanic “gift of healing”."

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Wow! What a very cool story. Another Divine Mercy 'Miracle' indeed!!

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