Mother of grown daughter wondering if I have any kindred spirits
(05-05-2017, 09:40 AM)Jeanannemarie Wrote: Vox, do you think there eligible men  here looking for a wife?

We have an "In Search of a Spouse" sub-forum (a child board of the "Pig Roast" sub-forum:

So yes, there are definitely eligible trad Catholic bachelors at this forum. And there are undoubtedly many who aren't registered members, but who surf the place (and might become members if your daughter posts and they take a liking to her!). Have her fill out out the "In Search of a Spouse" form and see where it might go :)

ETA:  I've moved the ISO Spouse child board up and made it its own forum, calling it "Matchmaker: In Search of a Spouse" so it's more visible. I think that getting trad Catholics together is pretty paramount, and the sub-forum where it was allowed it to be too easily overlooked. So here's to more marriages and trad Catholic wee ones in the future :)

Y'all think I should re-name it "Matchmaker: Catholic Dating" to make it sound a little more "chill"? To make it psychologically easier for people to post a profile there?

ETA again: I made that change. I think it'd be a lot less emotionally taxing to publicly put oneself out there as "looking for a date" rather than "looking for a spouse." We already know that dating has the ultimate goal of marriage anyway, so...

Thank you, Vox,  I am going now to check all of it out that you mentioned.
I'm not a mother but am in a situation similar to your daughter. Though I wouldn't state I'm a "professional" I am working and college educated. I'm 27 years old and discerning the vocation of marriage because I have no idea if I am called to religious life. I think I'm even more of a horrible fit for a religious vocation than I would be for holy matrimony.

I admit, I feel (that word, the "feelz") utterly hopeless that I will ever be able to find a husband if I am called to marriage. How can I discern if I can't actually meet a faithful Catholic man to begin with? The few Catholic men I have talked to in my age group are either not interested in holy matrimony in the imminent future or are already engaged (or married). I've tried Catholicmatch and even a non-dating gaming group. I'm also afraid that if I do meet someone I will not live up to their standards or their family's standards.

Even though your daughter has had some toads or frogs, at least she is able to find men to talk to and is confident in her vocation, assuming it's God's will. There are no such men for me to talk to and there definitely are no single men in my age group at my parish.
Dear Sequentia,  It is all so hard    !I  understand what you are saying, too.  How to meet potential husbands is the big question.  And many men are disillusioned with the idea of marriage in the first place.  Things have gotten so crazy in our world.  Do you live in a rural area or a city?  I know in the cities there are groups for singles, and that is one thing my daughter has not tried.  She has only lived in the city the past year and is finding the people different than more rural areas and plans to move back to a smaller town at the end of this year.  Even at her new church in the city she doesn't see eligible men.  Working all week doesn't allow much time for anything else so there are only weekends.  I was surprised that you stated a concern about whether you would live up to someone's standards or their family's standards.  Think of whether or not they will live up to your standards.  I think that my daughter should keep at the online dating and keep more options open.  Even if you don't elect to meet someone (which has led to many dead ends for her) that one person could still be there, at any time.  Of course it costs money, too.  And there is the long distance factor, which poses problems.  Yes, it is discouraging, but in the end pray, pray, pray.  God hears our prayers.  I once had a former priest tell my daughter "Saint Anne, Saint Anne, find me a man!"  Can you believe it?  Who knows, maybe it works! 

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