Benedict still the Pope - a legitimate option?
I'm posting this here because it's Benedict-related. I just found this and I have to say, I really don't know what to make of it:

I think Michael Voris/Church Militant has been so focused on the negative crisis-related elements going on right now within the Church's human element that they're missing the mark in some of these videos. Voris has gone after EWTN for asking perfectly legitimate questions about Amoris Laetitia and what it means while saying very little about the pontificate that has been confusing so many people. After the Synod, he went after the bad appointments Benedict made because "Joseph Ratzinger isn't the Pope anymore." So he's seemingly bothered by no one uttering a peep about the Benedict appointments (eventually) leading up to the Synod, but he would also likely be bothered by people saying something about them while he was Pope, and he would be bothered by this happening to Francis because Francis is currently Pope (hence him having a problem with EWTN airing Amoris-related concerns), but I don't know of anyone who said anything about Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio on the Catholic blogosphere before he became Pope.

I understand not wanting to criticize or point out negative elements within a papacy. It makes me uncomfortable as well. He's our Holy Father and you don't want to see your father doing something that will potentially cause harm to himself and/or others. But it almost requires you to make mental pretzels to make sense out of videos like this. Am I the only one who struggles to see the consistency here? Pope St. Celestine V also resigned, obviously believing that his resignation would be the best option. No mention of that was made here. Obviously Benedict XVI also believed his resignation would be the best thing for the Church. And yes, while Pope St. John Paul II's struggles with Parkinson's while still Pope were admirable, Benedict is not John Paul II. Benedict had to have gone through a great deal of discerning before doing what he did. St. Catherine of Siena told the Pope of her time, to paraphrase, "Perhaps you should resign if you cannot do what has been entrusted to you." I don't think St. Catherine of Siena would have been this critical of a Pope who decided to resign.

I've seen quite a few of Voris' videos at this point, and sometimes he is right on and other times, like this time, I think he's way off. Very seldom does Church Militant ever point out the good stuff. They did during Lent and often do during The Download. Other than that, it's mostly focused on the negative. I'm beginning to think I need to avoid CM altogether.
Sometimes I wish to be on a remote island, living as an hermit, with no radio nor TV, no media, no internet nor newspapers, upon all for no longer hearing what's wrong in our Church on her way to her destruction by Francis.
What does it serve having a Pope who is unceasingly criticizing how the practising catholics behave, think, act, up to  say they "shouldn't breed like rabbits" or uttering ugly words like "coprophagia", praising Mrs Emma Bonino, the number one aborteress in Italy, or meddling about the Global Warming with leftist atheist militants of the NWO, destroying holy orders like The FFI, appointing gay bishops and priests like Radcliffe, etc..
I have rather to shut my ears and practise my Faith like our holy parish priest taught it before the Council in my early years, going to mass only to have the Holy Eucharist once a week while avoiding hearing the priest's sloppy homilies.
(05-14-2017, 04:35 PM)maso Wrote:
(05-13-2017, 06:00 PM)jovan66102 Wrote: A few  armchair canonists on Trad fora do not derogate from the FACT that 1,200,000,000 Catholics around the world accept him as Pope.

This has nothing to do with sedevacantism since the Seat of Peter is still occupied by a Pope.
OK, I remove the word sedevacantists from my statement, but my point still stands in conformity with the authorities Magister Musicae has quoted.

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