An agreement
(05-17-2017, 10:17 PM)MagisterMusicae Wrote: Where as Michael Voris with his slush fund from the rabidly anti-SSPX Opus Dei supernumerary Terry Carroll put out this headline : VATICAN OFFICIAL: SSPX MUST SIGN DOCTRINAL DECLARATION heavily suggesting there's some kind of ultimatum from the Holy See. Then the author proceeds to trot out the 2009 letter of Benedict XVI saying the SSPX has no legitimate ministry, making this the largest section and focus of the article.
I'm not an SSPX person, but I do think that Michael needs to just calm down sometimes. Vortex after Vortex of negative stuff has to take some kind of toll. I find some of the articles interesting and some of the Downloads (and occasionally the Vortex) entertaining, but overall, there's just too much of this kind of negativity for my personal taste. EWTN will tell you about the horrible things going on in the culture of death, but they'll also tell you the beautiful things Catholics are doing around the world, what various apparitions were all about, the lives of the Saints, etc.. I think they need to take a page out of Mother Angelica's book and criticize the obviously problematic things (a woman portraying Jesus, watered down teachings that could confuse people, etc), and then show all the wonderful things about our Faith in the meantime. Granted, they do more of those sorts of things for people with a Premium membership (I know they have programs about the Popes and the importance of good liturgical music), but I don't have that.

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