Fatima’s Other Miracle After the Sun Danced (National Catholic Register)
"Several years ago Carl Malburg had the privilege of speaking with a woman who was present in Fatima at the Miracle of the Sun. But what she really wanted to tell him about was the second miracle she witnessed there at Fatima shortly after she and everyone saw the sun dancing in the sky, hurling toward earth, then returning to its place in the heavens.

At the time, Malburg was working with John Haffert who decades earlier had co-founded the Blue Army, officially known as the World Apostolate of Fatima.

During those years in the 1990s Haffert was heading another Fatima organization he started. Haffert had an early Pilgrim Virgin Statue, one officially from Portugal and blessed by the Fatima bishop as a Pilgrim Virgin statue, and which was given eventually given by his widow to the Blue Army.

All through the years Malburg traveled with Haffert he had encountered several people who were distant relatives of one of the Fatima families, and one of them “told me their aunt or uncle had a cure there,” he says. But this particular woman would be the first who was actually there on that day of the Miracle of the Sun — and saw something else too."

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