Is it inherently scandalous to attend a Novus Ordo Mass?
(05-15-2017, 04:47 PM)kbipp Wrote: I've recently come to the conclusion that the Novus Ordo is not a "form" of the Roman Rite but is actually a separate, distinct rite from the Traditional Latin Mass. Furthermore, it seems that what is prayed in the Novus Ordo is different than the TLM, such that Christ's sacrifice on the cross is obscured, the priest's unique role in the Mass, etc. It seems to be only barely Catholic.

If all this is true, it then seems to me that for a priest in the Latin Rite to offer the Novus Ordo Mass is unlawful (illicit, but valid) and he would be performing a schismatic act (objectively, at least), since the Novus Ordo rite is schismatic. I know that one who worships with heretics or schismatics sins by committing scandal; does that apply here? What if (like me) a person knows these things about the Novus Ordo and attends anyway for the possibility of establishing a TLM at the parish?

Hi kbipp. Thank you for your post. I too believe that the Novus Ordo liturgy is valid, but illicit. This is not a matter of mere opinion. The dogmatic Council of Trent infallibly teaches:
Quote:If anyone says that the received and approved rites of the Catholic Church, accustomed to be used in the administration of the sacraments, may be despised or omitted by the ministers without sin and at their pleasure, or may be changed by any pastor of the churches, whomsoever, to other new ones, let him be anathema.
Council of Trent, Session VII, On the Sacraments, Canon 13

The Novus Ordo liturgy is a novelty and not a "received and approved" rite of the Church. As such, it is illicit even if valid.

There are a few traditional Catholic priests and lay persons who have done an exceptional job of explaining why the conclusion you arrived at is true:

- John Salza, "The Implication of the Novus Ordo as a New Rite of Mass"

- Fr. Gregory Hesse, "Is the New Mass a Catholic Rite? The Church vs Paul VI"

- Fr. Paul Kramer, "Is Quo Primum Merely Disciplinary"

Pope Benedict's claim that "the two expressions [the Novus Ordo and the Traditional Mass] of the Church’s lex orandi will in no way lead to a division in the Church’s lex credendi (rule of faith); for they are two usages of the one Roman rite" is nothing but Orwellian 2+2 = 5 speak. Pope Benedict did not have the authority to nullify the divinely revealed dogma which declares that no pastor, whomsoever, can change the received and approved liturgical rites into other new ones.

As regards the question you raised in the original post, the Novus Ordo is a false worship service and as such it is a mortal sin for a priest to offer it and it is a sin for anyone to attend it or to support it in any way. The Novus Ordo is the Great Sacrilege because the primary reason that the devil inspired the Freemason infiltrators to create it was to get Catholic priests to stop offering the true Mass. It is only when one realizes that the primary reason the conspirators created the Novus Ordo was to make it so that less traditional Masses would be offered in the world that one can fully understand how big of a sacrilege the Novus Ordo is. All priests of the Roman Rite should be offering the received and approved liturgical rites exclusively. Imagine how different the world would be if every priest of the Roman Rite was offering the Traditional Latin Mass exclusively and then one can understand how wicked the Novus Ordo replacement liturgy is.

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