Gotta Feeling I Am About to Open up a Can of Worms (Opus Dei)
(05-16-2017, 11:58 AM)Jeeter Wrote: "Non-Catholic Christians and people of other religions cannot belong to the Prelature, but they can be its Cooperators, if they wish.  Cooperators pray for Opus Dei or help it by means of their work and donations toward the educational and social projects undertaken by the Prelature throughout the world.  At present, there are Cooperators of Opus Dei who are Orthodox, Anglican, Lutheran, Jewish, Moslem, and Buddhist as well as people who have no religion."

Problem here is it sounds like they are suggesting that the prayers of schismatics, heretics or infidels are of any supernatural value.

That's contrary to Catholic doctrine.

For our prayer to have any supernatural value they have to be done by one who has some claim to supernatural reward. Only those in the State of Grace can make such a claim.

That's why one in the state of sin, due to a mortal sin, cannot merit anything supernatural, and why it is a mercy of God that he gives a grace so such a sinner makes a good confession or perfect act of contrition. A fortiori for those visibly outside the Church because of their own schism, heresy or unbelief.

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