Frederick "Michael" Dimond Against Sedevacantism (MHFM - 1996)
This is surreal. The same "Michael" Dimond who treats Catholics who don't follow sedevacantism, specifically his brand of it, like heretics (or outright calls them heretics in his articles and videos), was once completely rational on this matter.

Diamonds are forever.
I am, unfortunately, familiar with these loony heretics. Personally, I steer way clear of these guys. I don't think they are even Catholic and certainly not any kind of valid 'religious brother'.
The Dimonds are creepy weirdos;they don't even represent the best of the sedevacantists in terms of their arguments.  For that you need Father Cekada and/ or the so called "Cassiacum Thesis". These guys are living in a trailer somewhere pretending to be "brothers" while making money on proof text polemics. They are obsessed with Sedevacantism and EENS,the two issues in Catholicism that tend to draw in mentally unbalanced folks and extremists.

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