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(05-31-2017, 01:58 PM)In His Love Wrote: It's a matter of simple trust that the Catechism was written with Our Lord and the Church's teachings in mind and leaving it at that.

I sincerely wish I could believe that! I suggest you read the 'Book of Accusation, To his Holiness pope John Paul II, a
book of accusation for HERESY against the Author of the supposed catechism of the Catholic Church, a catechism of pride, a catechesis of deceit'. It was written by l'Abbe Georges de Nantes, a faithful, Papally loyal Catholic.

Available here:
(05-31-2017, 01:58 PM)In His Love Wrote: I think you're opening a dangerous box.

The Truth is only dangerous to Satan.

(05-31-2017, 01:58 PM)In His Love Wrote: There's nothing wrong with what the Catechism says about homosexuality. It's a matter of simple trust that the Catechism was written with Our Lord and the Church's teachings in mind and leaving it at that.

The Magisterium claims a group of people have an exclusive SSA.

Do you believe anyone has an exclusive SSA? I do not.

God bless
(05-31-2017, 09:05 PM)Dominicus Wrote: I think I understand what your saying now. I'm afraid I'm not sure how to answer this then. I think its important in our days especially to differentiate between homosexuality as an accidental quality and homosexuality as a substantial quality. I can see how the words of the Catechism can be viewed to support the idea that homosexuality is some sort of innate difference in the substance of a person rather than the disorder that it is. While I can't find the citation at this moment I assure you that this is not the teaching of magisterium as a whole, rather I think it's mostly a matter of problems with how the English translators worded that section in combination with the common liberal interpretation prevalent in the world today. I wonder if the Latin version of the CCC says it differently.

As someone who has at times struggled with SSA I can tell you from personal experience that although I am well aware that SSA is by no means an ontological part of me and is subject to change, when I go through periods of SSA it is practically exclusive and there is not really anything I can do short of a miracle to change it until it subsides. Kind of like a chronic disease.

In any case I once read an official church document that I can't remember the name of that made it very clear that this ontological interpretation is not the case. I will make sure to tell you if I find it or similar.

In the meantime, I advise you to not take too much out of this. What the magisterium teaches is correct, it's just not taught in a very clear or consistent manner by individuals within the church and the authors and translators of the Catechism are unfortunately no exception. I agree that this can be very detrimental to the faith of some but there has always been a human element within the church and there always will be. For the most part I think what the Catechism says is perfectly fine although it could be changed to be much clearer on matters such as this.
I do not in any way want to diminish your personal situation. At the same time I do not want to
discuss your personal situation other than to say I pray that your path will lead you to Eternal Life.

What the Magisterium  says is not ambiguous it is clear and false to claim anyone has an exclusive SSA.
If you do find something in Church teaching that better explains this new claim I would like to see it I have
looked and believe it does not exist.

I believe some people have wrongly come to the conclusion that they have an exclusive SSA and the
Magisterium wrong to encourage this belief. I believe Satan will tailor temptation to each individual
and could care less what it is that draws souls from the Lord. I believe the Magisterium is wrong to
support the false premiss that anyone has an exclusive SSA.

Do you believe anyone has an exclusive SSA? I do not.

God bless 
What I have seen in press reports is very disturbing:
( Ref: )
According to Cardinal Reinhard Marx, homosexual relationships have "worth," a worth
that must be recognized by the Catholic Church.

"We have to respect the decisions of people," Marx told the media last week in Dublin after
delivering a speech at Trinity College, according to a recent report in the Irish Times.

"We have to respect the decisions of people. We have to respect also, as I said in the first
synod on the family, some were shocked but I think it's normal, you cannot say that a
relationship between a man and a man and they are faithful [that] that is nothing, that has
no worth," he said.

Consequently, according to Marx, the Church owes homosexuals an apology for its historical
treatment of homosexuals. "As Church and society, we have to say 'Sorry, Sorry,'" Marx said.
He added that the Church should support "regulating" homosexual partnerships. "We as church
cannot be against it."

I believe Cardinal Marx's remarks the predictable fruit of this error by the Magisterium; accepting the
mythical "homosexual person" as real. While the official position of the Magisterium is not as far down
the path of accepting the mythical "homosexual person" as real, make no mistake the Magisterium is
on the same path as Cardinal Marx. As far as I know the Magisterium has not condemned these statements
by Cardinal Marx's.

I believe no one can show this idea of exclusive SSA in any Church teaching prior to 1997 because it
does not exist. With the same rational Cardinal Marx's view could be inserted into "Church teaching"
if you believe exclusive SSA is in Church teaching prior to 1997 can you please show this to me?

I hope you can forgive my frustration coming through but the wall of apathy that I have been
hitting my head against, in the Clergy, while serving the Lord is taxing; the Lord has not failed in
refreshing my soul. In my conversations with Priests about 1 in 5 believe SS behavior should become
acceptable in the eyes of the Lord's Church, for the rest it can be best summed up by a young Priest
I have talked to recently who believes the claim by the Magisterium doesn't matter; so long as the
Lord's Church continues to hold the line that SS behavior is sinful. I believe this false claim by the
Magisterium, that some of God's Children have an exclusive SSA, only bolsters the view by the number
of Priests I have found, that believe SS behavior should become acceptable in the eyes of the Lord's
Church. I believe if the Magisterium were to continue to spread this lie of Satan Cardinal Marx's view
would become dominate and the Lord's Church in future generations would declare SS behavior AOK in
"marriage" as other "churches" already unmoored from the Sacred Deposit of Faith do. I know the Lord
will not allow this to continue. I believe this error by the Magisterium an unmooring from and not in
harmony with the Sacred Deposit of Faith, in this matter, and a terrible precedent. What in the Sacred
Deposit of Faith is safe? What is next?

I believe from Adam to Jesus, the perfect Adam, our faith has warned about an external evil one whether
the snake in the garden or Christ allowing the evil one to tempt Himself in the desert. I believed Christ
warned more about falling for the lies of Satan than anything else:

"deliver us from the evil one." Matthew 6:13

I believe the evil one is behind the LGBTQ+ orthodoxy spreading Satan's lie that some of God's children
have an exclusive SSA. I note that this name and mob is getting larger and louder as time goes by. This
whole LGBTQ+ movement is really a rejection of our Lord as their Creator substituting themselves for our
Lord. I understand that the Magisterium does not yet condone degenerate behavior and self-mutilation;
unfortunately, this is not far down the path chosen. I do not know what is going on here; but this generation
in the Magisterium is not in harmony with tradition in regard to this matter. Why the Magisterium is adopting
this lie of Satan's as its own is beyond my understanding. I believe it will be a shame if the Magisterium
degenerates into a Sanhedrin, looking to earthly wisdom rather than the Holy Spirit; the Person of the
Trinity who stays here to help keep us connected to the Sacred Deposit of Faith, precipitating the glorious
return of our Lord to fix this error Himself and right His Church Himself.

My faith tells me none of God's children has an exclusive SSA I hope yours does too.

If someone knows how to have the Magisterium address this error I would be grateful.

God bless and Merry Christmas
Well that simply makes that cardinal a heretic. His ideas have no magisterial authority whatsoever and do not reflect the actual teachings of Church Magisterium.

Persons with SSA have a disorder which varies in gravity between individuals. Some have only a little SSA others have almost exclusive SSA. This does not mean that SSA is a necessary part of the person but is rather like alcoholism or similar disorders and is something that rarely goes away completely. This so far has nothing to do with magisterium, it is just medical fact.

Unfortunately many priests and lay folk claiming to speak on the Church's behalf adhere to the hogwash that says that God creates people with SSA. SSA is a product of concupiscence brought about by original sin combined with environmental and biological factors eg. Lack of a father figure, hormonal imbalance, molestation etc.

One needs to understand the difference between Magisterium which is simply a function of the Church not any sort of body and the human element of the Church which uses its magisterial authority to teach. Just because much of the human element of the Church is in error does not mean that the Magisterium is in error.
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