Tom Woods, Jordan Peterson, Stefan Molyneux, and Christianity

Below is a series of videos that your secular friends need to see. Most of us know who Tom Woods is (last video), but Dr. Jordan Peterson might not be familiar to many of you. He is the psychology professor who went up against the Canadian tribunal for his refusal to give in to compelled speech laws -- i.e., he refuses to be forced to use people's "preferred pronouns." If you haven't listened to this man, you should, IMO. He's not Catholic, and I'm not even sure if he's Christian (he apparently embraces the evolution of origins idea) -- but he is a fascinating and most compelling speaker who is having a seriously beneficial effect on how many, many secular-minded people see religion in general, and Christianity in particular (look at the comments left under his videos on religion and Christianity! It's a beautiful thing to see!). Dr. Peterson has lecture series and talks and interviews all over Youtube, having become a sensation of sorts after showing his bravery in standing up to Canadian SJWs.

Dr. Jordan Peterson: Introduction to the Idea of God

Dr. Jordan Peterson on the Psychology of Redemption in Christianity

Stefan Molyneux and Tom Woods

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