Do you still believe Benedict XVI resigned because of health concerns?
I know the argument that pope benedict xvi is still pope, that modernists, masons etc have carried out a coup... this is very feasible

I seriously believe that benedict xvi remains pope. I also believe that francis knows this as well as some cardinals maybe even most of them.

And while a masonic modernist conspiracy appears to be the most likely cause there is another possiblity that i cant shake from my head

Its also possible if we give the church the benefit of the doubt on this one that due to geo political pressure the sex abuse scandle, vatileaks the reports of high level homosexuals in the vatican along with financial sanctions of the vatican bank the wikileaks revelation of a plot to over throw benedict by the obama administration its entirely possible the benedict abdication and francis was manufactured by the church in order to protect the faith rather than destroy it... if the "church" capitulates under francis and he is not the pope then its a false church that capitulates and not the true church so that when the political pressure subsides or is more favourable to the church it can re emerge declare francis an anti pope re introduce all the former disciplins... if we look at cadinal danieels book the dubia the testimony of other cardinals about sant galin mafia francis de emphesising the papal titles signing his name in italian istead of latin as signs given on purpose for the good of the faithfull for those who have eyes and those who have ears the vatican is telling us francis is not pope while to the outside world and even to those who have not been watchful and those who have no oil he is the pope whom they will follow into apostacy and the rest will remain faithful

While that is a possiblity that i can not shake it is the prophecies of the saints that point to the validity of the masonic modernist corruption of the church
There are several theories on Benedict:

  1. Benedict truly abdicated (no such thing as resignation, the Pope is not a President/PM!) and Pope Francis is truly pope
  2. Benedict did not truly abdicate (by reasons that needs no discussion) and Francis is an anti-pope

If the former is true, then not only is Pope Francis probably one of the worst popes in Church's history up to this point, but Bishop Ratzinger (formally B-XVI) is not far off from being one of the worst either, given how much confusion he is sewing by not speaking plainly of his abdication and giving up the vestments, name, and title.

If the latter is true, then Benedict would still be considered one of the worst popes in history up to this point, for having caused so much confusion and destruction by an act of weakness.

Either way prayers should be offered for both men's souls.

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