U.K. diocese tells Catholics how to venerate pagan ‘deities’
This is absolutely shocking! The word 'apostasy' come to mind

SHEFFIELD, U.K., June 6, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) -- A Catholic diocese in the U.K. is encouraging Catholics visiting pagan shrines to “bow” to pagan images and to eat food “blessed” in pagan rituals in the spirit of “ecumenism” and “dialogue.”

In its guidelines for visiting pagan shrines (click on Ecumenism & Interfaith), the Catholic Diocese of Hallam run by Bishop Ralph Heskett, encourages Catholics to bring flowers to Buddha, bow to the Hindu murtis (image of the deities), and bow to the Sikh holy book. Catholics are also encouraged to eat the food offered to them that has been “blessed” in Hindu and Sikh rituals.

Bishop Heskett did not respond to a query by press time. LifeSiteNews asked him how he could justify the advice in light of the First Commandment, which states: “I am the Lord your God; You shall have no strange gods before Me.”

Lepanto Institute President Michael Hichborn said the guidelines not only lead Catholics astray, but dishonor the early Christian martyrs.

Wow, ecumenism with dead religions? 
The grotesque really is the mark of the devil.

How dare these man promote such wicked blasphemy!

Torquemada would be rolling in his grave if he saw such overt and pathetic heresy abound within the Church.
The only small hope that it might be corrected I see is that it seems to have just been just copy pasted from here:
http://studylib.net/doc/7702179/--redbridge-re-network . Hopefully it was just a thoughtless mistake by whoever did the website...


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