A Strava Running/Fitness Group?
Hey everyone :)

So, I was recently cleared by my doctor to start working out again (I had a nasty infection that left me on antibiotics for 3 months much to the dislike of my doctor LOL) and I was wondering if anyone on this forum who enjoys working out etc would be interested in making/joining a Strava group together to motivate us all to stay healthy? I do Triathlons so when I'm back to being fully healthy I like to train pretty hard and it would be great to have some friends to share the healthy lifestyle. I was thinking we could call it Rosary Runners (if that's not already taken LOL) or something similar as I've started the habit of saying the Rosary while I run to keep my mind active when I'm not listening to podcasts etc. Anyway, just a thought :) If there is any interest I'll make the group and post a link so folks can join :)
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Very cool idea. I don't run anymore (broke foot and knee that's been going south) but I still do a good bit of hiking. Every time I hike, I take my Rosary with me. I don't normally say the Rosary while hiking, as I'm doing a pace count,  but do so during breaks.
Thanks, Jeeter! :)

I've been trying to get back into triathlon shape and I figured it'd be a good way to make some friends who are in line with the new direction my life is taking me (most of my other friends I would run with are into Occult etc :\ ). I jumped the gun and set up a website/buddypress social network for the project if anyone is interested. rosaryrunners.com Feel free to sign up, share, etc. I'll be posting virtual running events soon. I'm still looking for places to have medals etc printed ;) I figured it could be fun and a good way to encourage folks to get out and be healthy.

I was thinking we could all commit to running as many miles as beads in a 5-decade Rosary over a set period of time and then when we are finished each individual can collect money and donate Rosaries to folks who can't afford them :) Like a sponsored run type thing :) Just a thought.

I'm sorry to hear about the knee and foot! That's no fun, but at least you're still good for hiking. I can imagine it's pretty awesome to be out in the woods and praying the Rosary. I bet it's really peaceful :)
I'll check the website out later; I've been having computer issues all day.  I may have to sign up, and I'll pass the site on to some relatives.  As I said, I don't run anymore, but I'll hike all day! :)  And with the kids being out of school, and starting a water course, that's two extra excuses to get out.

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