TED Talk: Why there is no way back for religion in the west!
David Voas is a quantitative social scientist at the University of Essex, and his talk centers on the measurable declines in religious belief and participation across the western world, and the unstoppable momentum as society transforms.

Voas seems to be limited in his definition of religion.  It's clear to me we are returning back to a paganistic forms of worship.  The environmentalism is clearly a cult based on blind faith than the Socratic method, along with: climate alarmism, neo-Mathusian population death-cult, and absolute relativism.  The rise of atheism, clearly is a cultish religion in of itself, many of the fads listed above are things that the non-religious worship.  They revere scientists and ridicule any rational skepticism.

Voas is right that theistic religion is on the decline (not a real shocker there) what he fails to understand is that it is also in large part thanks to the failure of the Catholic Church to evangelise and proselytise.  People are giving up on religion, because the Church today has in the most part failed to uphold her God-given command.
Indeed certain forms of religion are on the decline, but like our friend above opines, stuff like scientism, radical environmentalism and feminism are in some sense religious. 

Despicable how he uses the word "developed" to describe materially well-off countries and then intimates that "developed" necessarily implies "non-religious." We have the science and technology we have because of Christianity.

It's no news that people who are fat and happy in their air-conditioned homes, who live long lives because of antibiotics and advanced medicine, who have plenty to eat, are amused into a stupor, etc., forget about God. But belief and creature-comfort technology aren't necessarily mutually exclusive, obviously, and all it will take is a huge war, natural disaster, plague, for our antibiotics to become worthless (something that is already happening) and women regularly start dying in childbirth again and people get deadly STDs like syphilis (which is making a comeback, already in antibiotic-resistant form) they can't get rid of (both of these are sex-related and would have a huge psychic impact, I believe), or some other catastrophe for people to wake the Hell up and start asking themselves the big questions again. If infrastructure is knocked out long enough so that people can't distract themselves with their screens, they might start looking around and then wondering. If some plague comes around and most of people's families and friends are wiped out in a matter of months, they might start clamoring for answers again. This guy's asserting that secularization is inevitable and irreversible is nonsensical, based on the assumption that our technology is infallible and eternal and that people will never resume looking for meaning after seeing a few generations of "fat and happy" people who are actually miserable. In fact, as I posted a bit ago in the secular news forum, the youngest generation is a lot more conservative and traditional than the Millennials and older generations are.

The trick will be reaching out to and TEACHING them. Of course, it'd be easier for the restoration to come about if Catholics weren't so lazy and didn't expect priests or the likes of Francis to do all the evangelizing and defending of the Faith.

(As a total aside, there was a cure for syphilis before penicillin. They used what was called "malaria therapy," intentionally giving a patient malaria which causes high fevers, etc. The malaria -- or some of its symptoms -- would kill the syphilis, and then the patient would be treated with quinine (if they survived) to deal with the malaria. It very often worked! But if our antibiotics become worthless and syphilis becomes common (in the 19th c., one out of every 5 people in the Indiana Hospital for the Insane was there because of syphilis!), people will start taking sex very seriously again. Same thing if women start dying in childbirth at the same rates they used to before antibiotics. Once sex is treated as it should be, the whole "religion thing" becomes much more "doable" for a lot of people, I believe. So much hatred of religion boils down to sex, sex, sex! )
You know Vox, I am pleased you have written this, as it reminds me of what was being discussed on another thread about the good Doctor's Saint Alphonse di Ligouri's limits on God's Mercy.

It seems to me it will only be a matter of time, before chastisement comes.  We foolishly boast at how secure we are, yet the recent deluges and economic crashes prove just how unbelievably fragile we are.  India has foolishly been working to end a cash-based society, what a terrible plague befalls them should the power go out for even just a fortnight!


Sadly Vox, I fear an much baseless and horrible vision of debauchery in our future.  The Sin of fornication will be replaced by the much greater evil of Onanism.  With the predictable rise of robots and augmented reality, coupled with sexual drugs, I can see future souls die in the same shameful manner as those who asphyxiated themselves.  That is of course, there isn't a cataclysmic collapse in the technological revolution.
The system is all very fragile. All it would take is real economic crash to the degree of the Great Depression and you'll see so many people out of jobs and on the streets. It would be a nightmare. Same goes for a real conventional war between powerhouse countries rather than a powerhouse vs. the little 3rd world countries. The amount of death and bloodshed would certainly change things. To say on the same vein as Vox's post... People these days are too comfortable and lazy. We should all in a way include ourselves. Even people who are not too well off enjoy a lifestyle that our ancestors could only dream of. We are all literate and educated (to various degrees), have all of the known information in the world along with endless entertainment at our fingertips, many of us have jobs where we can sit on our butts all day, heat and cold are of little effect to us due to HVAC, we never have to worry about where our food is coming from since we can go to the endless amounts of supermarkets and just buy it, we can travel to any point in the world in less than 24 hours, we have medicine that can cure a wide array of diseases that once plagued humanity, it goes on and on and most of these things have only existed for the past 100 years. Comfort breeds laziness and contentedness.

Sure, there are some people who have an actual intellectual issue with religion, however, most are either just degenerates, lazy, or have never been presented religion in a way that connects with them (most especially thanks to the Church's situation in the past 50 years). Religion is difficult, it requires a lot of work, and it doesn't allow you to do all that stuff like getting trashed every weekend, having sex with random people, and using contraceptives to make sure you aren't bringing children into the world... Which sadly is practiced by more than just teens and 20-something year olds.

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