Bishop Barron: Looking at Luther with New Eyes
Bishop Barron | WordOnFire Wrote:With great profit and pleasure I’m currently reading Alec Ryrie’s new book Protestants: The Faith that Made the Modern World. Among the many texts appearing in this year of the five hundredth anniversary of the Reformation, Ryrie’s stands out for its verve, clarity, and historical sweep. In some ways, it is an answer to Brad Gregory’s The Unintended Reformation, though it lacks the intellectual depth and thoroughness of Gregory’s magisterial study.

What has so far intrigued me most of all in Ryrie’s book is his portrait of the undisputed father of the Reformation, Martin Luther. I will confess to a certain fascination with Luther. I have been reading his books, speeches, and sermons for many years, and for about ten years, when I was professor of theology at Mundelein Seminary, I taught a graduate level course in the Christian theology of the sixteenth century, which included, naturally, lots of Luther. Cantankerous, pious, very funny, shockingly anti-Semitic, deeply insightful, and utterly exasperating, Luther was one of the most beguiling personalities of his time. And say what you want about his writings (I disagree with lots and lots of his ideas), they crackle with life and intensity, even in Latin! Though I’ve read and thought and talked about the founder of Protestantism for a long time, Ryrie has prompted me to squint at him in a fresh way.

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How depressing that Bishop Barron has gone from the Hans urns von Baalthasar heterodoxy to praising Luther and the destruction he wrecked upon Christendom leading to its eventual demise.

This is exactly why the New-Evangelization (a vacuous phrase could not be better thought of) is a complete failure.  Priests are encouraged to become YT/Internet celebrities and spread the Word by being "cool"; this leads the appearance of one being more desirous of the praise of others, than correctly living the Word of God.

Please pray for Bishop Barron, whether you like him or not, this man was in a special part responsible for my conversion to Catholicism.  So, if you have enjoyed my company and appreciate my orthodoxy (perhaps I'd be wise not to invite myself such criticism), then understand that through then Father Barron, I had assistance on my journey to the One, True Faith
Bishop Barron | WordOnFire Wrote:At bottom, Luther was a mystic of grace
That's a strange way to say "rebel against Christ's Church with serious pride issues and violator of religious vows."
The Faith that Made the Modern World, indeed, in all its errors and horrors.

We can make an imaginary history and look at Luther in different eyes, but he will never look at us with different eyes.
The abyss between Luther and truth will be forever evident to everyone who read even a small part of his writings, with all their hatred and profanity against everything Catholic, agains the Church of the Fathers, and the tradition of the apostles.
Bishops, cardinals, or even Popes can try to close their eyes but nothing will change the fact that Luther was the "shit-pool of all shit", as St.Thomas More himsel said.
What, does he want to become a Lutheran?

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