Vocations continue to decline under Pope Francis.
So much for the "Francis Effect"

Of note, as seen within the SSPX communities, sound doctrine stimulates vocations...

Quote:The Catholic Church has, overall, been experiencing a crisis in vocations to the priesthood. Bishops have been forced to close down parishes where there are simply not enough priests to run them.

But that is not the case for all dioceses.

A number of dioceses in the U.S. have found that where there is faithfulness to Catholic doctrine, vocations to the priesthood flourish.

For example, when Bishop Robert Morlino arrived in the Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin in 2003, there were only 6 seminarians. The diocese was known as a bastion of liberalism, both politically and spiritually. But under his careful direction, the diocese has returned to orthodoxy and begun to flourish.

And this is no surprise
Quote:The statistics also reveal that in many Western countries, including both Canada and the United States, the number of priests who died in 2015 was greater than the number of new priests ordained.

They also show that the number of Catholic marriages for every 1,000 Catholics continues a downward trend over a five-year period.

When you have a Pope who has been vocal about "not proselytizing" and "not trying to convert," this is going to be the end result.

God help us.

"By their fruits, you shall judge them."
Someone failed to tell my Diocese.  We have more ordinations every year.  Thanks be to GOD!
I definitely see the difference in marriages. I've been to quite a few marriages over the past few years and quite a few for people who are Catholic (who were at least raised as such) weren't done in church. I know a couple who got the marriage validated in the church a few months afterwards and another who did a separate small church ceremony prior to their destination wedding, however, those are the exception rather than the rule.
In a sense this is a good news, the next generation our numbers will be relatively stronger inside the Church.
Among young priests the weight of traditionalists is growing, and Africa also looks promising. At the end truth will prevail.

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