No place to report major glitches!
Your system is simply NOT working.  Nothing, for me, is "improved."

It says I've "reached my message limit and must delete messages to receive new ones," yet when I delete a few, the same message appears.  Second, why would it be "an improvement" in a forum to suddenly be limited, without warning, to fewer messages than before.  And I highly doubt I'm a hoarder of messages.  There must be many others with more than I have.

When I try to report a problem with the new site, the box says my message is "too long."  The subject was like 7 words, so I reduced the subject to 2.  The message box had been about 20 words so I reduced it to like 12.  The same error reply kept coming up, and in addition a whole bunch of code filled the box -- code that I did not create and could not if I wanted to.  It looked as if I had over-filled the message box to the technical people, when of course I hadn't.

When I click on links, often nothing happens, no pages load.

In order to be visible, and to go to certain links, you actually have to go to Portal; otherwise, the forum will say that you're a "Guest" and will never record your log in that you've done like 7 times.  This version is not synchronized and is not working properly.

I also tried to email the owner, and that didn't work.

Again, how is this an improvement?  And if I could have accessed a different place to explain these problems, I would have!

Also, avatars are not visible.
When one is in Private Messages and you click on a legitimate link sent by a friend, the link takes you to the main forum page and claims you're "a guest."   Um, you can't be just a non-logged-in guest if you are accessing your private messages!  Both are not possible at the same time.  Hello.
Glitches are being ironed out. Be patient, everyone. There's only one person upgrading and working on all this, a single human being who has a family, a job, and who's gotten little sleep over the past two days.
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