BREAKING: Pope removes conservative Vatican doctrine chief
I'm not sure what difference it makes.

Conservative modernist. Flaming modernist.

It's natural to try to put hope in someone remotely Catholic who has a position in the post conciliar Church, but as far as I can see, they are just not there.
The Vatican announced Saturday that as Cardinal Gerhard Müller’s term as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith comes to an end, the Pope has not renewed it, but has appointed Jesuit Archbishop Luis Ladaria to take his place.

The decision was officially published in a July 1 communique from the Vatican, which stated the Holy Father’s thanks to Cardinal Müller for his term.

July 2 marks the end of Müller’s five-year mandate as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which included the positions of president of the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei,” the Pontifical Biblical Commission and the International Theological Commission.

Ladaria, who has served as archbishop of Thibica and as secretary of the CDF since 2008, will be succeeding Müller in each of the same duties. 
The Vatican did not specify what Cardinal Müller will be doing next.

Müller was tapped to head the congregation, the most important dicastery in the Roman Curia, by Benedict XVI before his resignation in 2012.

Pope Francis renewed Müller's appointment to the CDF and to each of the commissions after his election, allowing the prelate to serve the entirety of his 5-year term in each, which ends July 2.

Müller is known to have been a conservative voice within the Curia, and, contrary to other German prelates, backed more traditional interpretations of Chapter 8 of Pope Francis' 2016 post-synodal apostolic exhortation, “Amoris Laetitia,” on the reception of communion for divorced and remarried couples, insisting that it does not breach Church teaching.
In addition to the nomination of Archbishop Ladaria as Müller's replacement, the Vatican also announced the appointment of Cardinal Giuseppe Betori, archbishop of Florence, as a member of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

I think we should give Archbishop Ladaria the benefit of a doubt. 
Pray for the Pope's conversion, and for an end to this wretched crisis.

What we cannot affect in conclaves and Vatican decisions, we can affect locally. "Vote with your feet" as it were - do not attend parishes that commit liturgical abuse if you can avoid them. Support institutions such as the SSPX, the FSSP, the ICKSP, as well as Diocesan Traditional Latin Mass efforts.

Also, if the Church in America is to be restored, we must unequivocally reject Americanism. I do believe that Americanism includes unfettered support for this United States government, if not that, the nation itself; both of which are hardly 'holy' or even worthy of respect. After all, the United States was founded by Freemasons; the founders of the United States were anti-Catholic. Not to mention, almost every U.S. president has belonged to a subversive or secret society - Masonry especially, but also Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, etc. None of which are conspiracies, mind you; all of which are verifiable.

The United States has a history of unjust war, from the unjust Rebellion against good King George, to the War Between the States where the South was brutally defeated and punished; not to mention the Spanish-American War where we "liberated" (stole) Cuba, Puerto-Rico and the Philippines from the Catholic Spanish Empire. There are others: the Great War, wherein Wilson destroyed Catholic Europe (we Americans have an unholy devotion to the barbaric tactic of 'unconditional surrender'), World War II where Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were slaughtered by American bombs (all civilian centers); and subsequent "wars" have been fought to defend capitalism against communism, which is as Ven. Fulton Sheen might call it, "a half-truth against a lie".

We are Catholics before we are Americans, and the better for it! If we recognize this, our intrinsic Americanist tendencies will fade away, and the Church in America will lead the way in restoring the whole church Catholic to its former lustre. 

Americanism is one of the greatest heresies; one of the greatest enemies of the Catholic Church. If the Catholic Church is to be restored, we must seek the reformation of the United States into a thoroughly Catholic state. We must regain our evangelistic prerogative and insist on the conversion of all Protestants, Jews, Turks, and heretics in the United States to the one true faith. We must abandon birth control and once again raise large families, with the aim of filling the Church pews, fostering priestly vocations, and gain a supermajority in the American religious demographics.

Some may ask me why I bring up this seemingly unrelated point to this issue of the Pope removing a conservative Vatican official. I say this because the Church in America is wealthiest, has many cardinals for future Conclaves (as well as many bishops who will one day be cardinals). If the Church in America is restored to its Pre-Revolution (e.g. pre-1776) glory. We need to re-convert the whole Western Hemisphere if we are to see success in Europe as well!

And it all starts locally! One day, we will see a good Pope! Until then what else can we do but pray for the Holy Father and do what we can at home?
From a traditionalist blog:

Quote: Ladaria's views were laid out in the appropriately titled, Jesus Christ: Salvation of All. Here are some relevant excerpts. These are not cherry-picked, but among other things, include passages that Ladaria himself chose to read out in public, now available (of course) onYouTube:

The saving influence of Jesus and his Spirit know no bounds: Christ’s mediation is universal. Salvation in Christ is possible for all humanity, and on the horizon of theological reflection. The hope may arise that this salvation will indeed reach everyone. Salvation itself would become denaturalized if its absolute certainty would be affirmed and if we lost sight of the possibility of damnation [p. 12].[T]his universality includes more than it excludes, among other reasons because the unique mediation of Jesus cannot be separated from God’s will of universal salvation (1Tim 2:3–5) [p. 96].We are all called to place ourselves within the body of the [Catholic] Church, which will not reach its fullness until the whole human race and the entire universe has been completely renewed. Christian faith begins with the premise of the unity of humanity as a whole because of its origins in Adam, and above all, because of its destiny in Christ.

It is inconceivable that salvation, as it is presented in the New Testament, is only for Christians and not for those who do not know Christ [p. 117].We may also add the early Christian conviction that hell is something neither wanted nor created by God. Maintaining the possibility [my emphasis] of eternal damnation is the only guarantee of the truth and reality of the salvation offered to us, which is nothing less than God’s love [pp. 130-131].

Jesus includes everyone and excludes no one, and all of us have received his fullness (cfr. John 1:16). The universality of salvation and unity of Christ’s mediation mutually affirm each other [p. 144].Yet by dying, he gave us life, that is the life of his resurrection. Even those who do not know him are called to this divine vocation, that is, to the perfect sonship in and through Christ. Christians and non-Christians reach this goal by virtue of the gift of the Spirit that associates us with the unique paschal ministry of Christ even if it is through diverse paths known only to God [p. 148-149].

What he is writing goes far beyond Balthasar. That is Universalism.
"Cor Jesu Rex Et Centrum Omnium Cordium, miserére nobis "

“To pray is to shed blood.” - Silouan the Athonite
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I don't think Ladarias views are really that distinguishable from most professed Catholics view on salvation.

No sacraments actually necessary. No explicit knowledge or Faith in Christ absolutely necessary.

"Secret anonymous Christians" even unknown to themselves saved in a manner known to God alone.

Nothing new here.

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