What are the specific beliefs of Jansenism?
(07-21-2017, 12:02 PM)austenbosten Wrote:
(07-21-2017, 12:54 AM)Pacman Wrote: The tl;dr version is that they were a group of French Catholics with Calvinist tendencies. The most famous of their number was the French polymath Pascal. Interesting fact about the Jansenists which most Trads don't know: they petitioned the Vatican to reform the liturgy to allow for mass in the vernacular. The Vatican responded by issuing a declaration that it is a heresy to believe that Rome could ever issue defective rites. I'm pretty sure, it's in the Denzinger. So, if you're  a Trad Catholic who complains about how the Novus Ordo spreads heresy and atheism, guess what, there's this Vatican document which says you're a heretic for believing this.

Could you post the complete quote of this decision, if possible in Latin and English? Sounds like an interesting argument :-)
I'm pretty sure that if such a dogmatic statement existed, then the Sedevacantists would have a slam-dunk argument.

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If I'm not mistaken, Bishop Sanborn and Fr Cekada have made this argument.
If you will it, you can become all flame.

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