I think I'm finally ready for the jump to the TLM...
I have the book but put it down after the introduction which was very hard to take. I'll be going back to it soon though. 

Earlier this year I went to a Bishops vocation retreat with roughly 20 people, all half my age.  I asked tough questions ("should we revisit Vatican II at the parish level to see what it really says given the many misinterpretations?"), they asked virtually none.  The best part was two months later I was helping at a KofC event and one of the young men who was there recognised me and said he appreciated the questions I asked.  He caught me off guard with that and afterwards I asked myself: why don't they ask those questions?  For me all of this points to fear of retribution. Look what Steven said they dismissed him for essentially protecting the Eucharist.   If it isn't over for me already I'm sure it will be eventually.  It is a tragedy and, again my own opinion, it only changes when we speak up.
Check your Inbox... sent you a PM.

In short, don't give up just yet.  In fact, never give up.

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