When does anger become a mortal sin?
Awhile ago, I was really angry at my dad, and I had a lot of angry thoughts at him. I want to ask, when does anger become a mortal sin? 

There were two or three things in particular that I did, that might have been mortal, but I'm not sure they were:

-I did have a brief desire to, thump or hit my dad, I didn't let it in with full consent, I'm if I did, that would have been a mortal sin, but I'm not sure about some consent.

-I had these vague thoughts of getting back at him, nothing physical like the first thing, but just these vague thoughts, and I did a very sloppy job resisting them, in this instance.

-I acted aggressively, I slammed my fist down on the arm of the couch, I opened doors in an aggressive manner, one these was done in front of my dad. I think this one, was just venial, but I'm not sure.

So are any of these mortally sinful? When does anger become a mortal sin?
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The examination of conscience I used to look up a lot says it's a mortal sin when you wish to seriously wound or kill a person.
Anger becomes a sin when you say something really uncalled for and uncharitable or if you hit someone.

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