Prayers Against Ovarian Cancer Needed
Fellow Fisheaters, I have sad news tinged with joy. Prayers are needed right now.

Mavis, Miki's sister, is dying. Found this out just a while ago and Miki herself is heartbroken.

BUT there is good news!

Mavis, who was never baptized and was raised and lived outside the Faith has accepted Baptism into the Church a few hours ago. So even though she is leaving her sis and her loved ones, she is hopefully about to enter a happy Eternity.

So I ask you all in your charity to keep praying for both Mavis and Miki --- Mavis, that she stay strong in her new-found walk with the Good Lord to the end. And for Miki, who has gone through so, so much these last couple of years that her heart and soul not be crushed in this time of tears.

As always, any new news I get, I'll let you know. Many thanks in advance.

UPDATE: I just got the word from one of Miki's dear friends that Mavis passed away at 2:18 pm CST (3:18 pm EST) today, Saturday, 9/16/2017. Her funeral will be on Tuesday of next week. So in your charity, please pray for the repose of Mavis' soul and for the healing of Miki's heart and soul as well as those of her family during this time of grief. Many heartfelt thanks to you all in advance.
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