Photographer settles 'monkey selfie' legal fight
This is bloody ridiculous! I only regret that the photographer caved in to the Eco-fascists at PETA, tho' from the article, they may not be getting any of the money.

It's especially fascinating to me to see how insane the modern world has become as I've just been reading Dr Russell Kirk's explanation of Edmund Burke's solidly Christian view of 'rights'. As he quite rightly points out, there can be no 'right' without a corresponding duty.

Quote:A photographer has settled a two-year legal fight against an animal rights group over a "monkey selfie" picture.
But appeal judges at a court in San Francisco ruled in Mr Slater's favour after a two-year legal fight.

In the joint-statement between Peta and Mr Slater, they say this case "raises important, cutting-edge issues about expanding legal rights for non-human animals".

Read the entire article on the BBC.
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