Please pray for me
I have a sort of dilemma. I work for now in the parking lot directing traffic at Sea World in San Antonio, Texas, my home city, and unfortunately they get us to work on Sundays. I still go to Mass later, but I just don't feel right working Sundays, but they want us to work on the weekends especially because those are the busiest times. Also I may very well work soon instead at Walmart which is not far from my house, but will be too far away from my school. I thought of applying for a job in or near my school again, but I need your prayers for me in this because I am not happy and feel very miserable right now. My parents tell me this and that just from their experience and pretty much force me now to stay with Sea World and then Walmart and then later on get a job at the school. Such a transition from one job to the next just does not seem right though. I don't think it will look good on my record. Please pray for me. I don't know what to do in this situation. [Image: sad.gif][Image: doh.gif][Image: confused.gif][Image: mad.gif][Image: frown.gif] I know I always have God. Please pray He will get me through this situation I should have foreseen. Pray to the Blessed Mother please too.
I always say an extra three Hail Mary's at the end of my nightly rosary...tonight they are all yours my friend.  [Image: prayer3.gif][Image: prayer3.gif][Image: prayer3.gif]

It's a shame you don't work for Sea World in Ohio, then the dilemma would end with summer.  [Image: wink.gif]  I'm thinking of Ohio because I hope to be heading back to see my much missed sons and mom soon.  It's hard to find a job that doesn't require weekend work when you're a teen.  I'm guessing you're a teen?  I hope I haven't offended you if you're not.  [Image: frown.gif]  I could be wrong, but I don't think God would hold it against you if you have to work Sundays.  It's not as though you're doing it for greed, right?  I don't know, perhaps someone else could say more about this than I?  Have you spoken to your priest about it?  

We are required to avoid servile work on Sunday. That means working for others or, I assume, at our personal businesses. Those who work in public service and other essential employment are allowed to work on Sunday.

I for example, am in the news media which operates all the time and provides a necessary public service. I must supervise the editing of the paper at night. I work Sunday night through Thursday night. This keeps my Sunday mostly free for church and relaxation with the family until I must go into work Sunday evening. I don't feel I sin in so doing.

I also work for a real estate company on the side. I refuse to keep office hours on Sundays and seldom, if ever, show a house on Sunday (occasionally if it is for a couple from out of town who are visiting and I haven't yet worked with them so they don't know about my no Sunday policy, out of convenience to them, I will show them a house.) I just don't think house shopping is a legitimate activity for Sunday. I don't buy food on Sunday, don't shop at all. Don't buy gas, don't do anything that forces SOMEONE ELSE to work on Sunday.

HOWEVER, these are all situations over which I have control. It doesn't sound like you have much control over your situation so you should not feel guilty. I think the rule about Sunday does take into consideration that an evil employer may force a worker to work on Sunday against his will and that the worker who needs to support his family, or build a good work record so he may be able to support a family some day, simply has no choice. In that case, the employer is at fault. It is a very grave sin on his part and may even be one of the sins that cries to Heaven for vengence, oppressing the people.

God bless you,


Thank you all for your prayers. [Image: sad.gif]They have indeed helped. Walmart is pretty much out of the picture, and I will be going to work at Sea World only up to August 19. After that, I will hopefully have a job in or near my university. Thank you all again for your prayers. I thank the Lord God Himself. [Image: smile.gif]

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