Why does grieving alienate you from others?
And I'm not specifically talking in relation to me, but how it is affecting my other family members. My sister is not only being treated differently at work but in her personal time. A "friend" of hers with a hobbyist group didn't like the fact that she needed to take a breather because she was thinking about our deceased father-and she is no longer allowed to participate in her group.

It's not like my sister goes around complaining about her life by any means or her emotions. Why are people so cruel? Are we not allowed to miss our father? Are we just supposed to forget about our deceased parents (or other family members) less than 2 months after their passing?

I don't even mention it anymore to people and they still manage to ask me "are you okay?" or "are you mentally stable to continue working today?" I kid not. I do not go walking around in public acting miserable or unhappy. People even made some inappropriate remarks to my mother at the visitation.

I know the world and society doesn't care about the suffering of others, but what ever happened to being allowed to grieve naturally and human dignity? Makes me hate humanity even more.

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Sequentia, I haven't been posting on here as of late, but I wanted to let you know that you aren't alone. I know what it's like to grieve. I know how it feels when your father dies.

Some people aren't emotionally able to open up to something as large as death, for any number of reasons. They may be deeply afraid of it themselves, to the point where any exposure to it causes anxiety and/or depression. They may be too absorbed into their own cares and concerns, to the point where they don't see your need. Others may intentionally avoid the topic because they just can't be bothered. It depends on the person, their personality, mental health, etc.

From the perspective of our faith:

We believe in an infinitely loving and merciful God, and we believe in Heaven. 

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Here's a video addressing the medical field's experience with dying patients, and why it's a bad idea to write them off as "confused":

If you ever need a friend who is willing to listen and try to help, feel free to send me a PM with your email and I will get in touch with you.

God bless, Sequentia.
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