A Dialogue on Dialogue
An amusing, but profound, piece by Fr Dwight Longenecker.

Quote:I thought the best way to think about a dialogue was to write a dialogue about dialogue.
So here is a dialogue between George, who thinks dialogue is wonderful and Betty who is dubious.
G: But surely dialogue is in the Bible. Paul dialogued with people in Athens. Peter dialogued with the Pharisees. Jesus dialogued with people!

B: They preached. Its different. They believed there was a truth and that they had to proclaim it and explain it.

G: You’re going to reduce the whole thing to an outmoded concept like “Preaching the gospel!” What are you, some kind of fundamentalist?

B: But given our discussion, what would the point of dialogue be? If the point is for both of us to understand the revealed truth better, that would be okay, but I sense that is not your purpose. So what is your purpose?

G: To convince you that I’m right and you’re wrong.

B: That’s what I thought all along.

Read the entire dialogue on Standing On My Head.
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