G.K. Chesterton and the Dandelion: The Romance of Receptiveness
Another article on Chesterton, tho' this one is contemporary about the push to open his Cause for Canonisation.

Quote:Gilbert Keith Chesterton (d. 1936), who wrote these words, was an English “man of letters” – a novelist, journalist, playwright, poet, essayist, cartoonist, and broadcaster. He was one of the greatest apologists for the Christian faith. He was a convert, first to Anglicanism, and then Catholicism (1922). But was he a saint?

It was announced in August by Dale Ahlquist at the American Chesterton Society Conference in Worcester, MA, that the cause for Chesterton’s canonization may be edging closer to the realm of possibility. Bishop Peter Doyle of Northampton is “sympathetic” to those who desire to see Chesterton canonized and is said to be “seeking a suitable cleric to begin an investigation into the potential for opening a cause for Chesterton.”
Is Chesterton in heaven? In a way, it would be worrying and strange if he were not. Deeply devout and much loved by everyone who knew him – even his enemies in debate – he seems to have been exemplary in his kindness, as well as blessed by a supernatural intelligence that shone through his voluminous writings. He was not infallible (saints don’t need to be that), but he was surely holy, and if he is not in heaven there seems to be very little hope for the rest of us.

Read the entire article on The Imaginative Conservative.
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