I admit it. I'm really doubting we went to the moon. :/
Yep.  I tried to resist but after watching these videos I have serious doubts and want to know what NASA did with all of our money!

There is so much evidence to post but I'll just start with these:

I posted some things casting aspersions on NASA and the Moon visitation on the Flat Earth thread while back.

Whatever the shape of the Earth, I disbelieve NASAs claims.
Having worked in the aerospace industry and having a father who also did so for over 40 years, including his working in the Skunk Works and at Area 51.  Having watched the rockets go off from KSC from Orlando and on the roof of Cape Canaveral Hospital and hearing all the stories from relatives who worked out there and watched the huge missiles that sent the astronauts to the moon and back. With the enigma of the Moon Rocks that they brought back and that NASA readily distributed and recovered from various Universities and other places of scientific investigation, without even one of them questioning where they came from after examining them...something that would have been a HUGE political embarrassment to NASA, but not even Russia did so. What with the pics of the equipment left behind by cameras on contemporary orbiters of other countries and the experiments left behind, one of which is still in use today that bounces laser beams off of it from an earth observatory to very accurately measure the distance between the moon and the earth, something that could not have been placed by the technology of the day, it had to be aligned by SOMEONE on the moon. Then there are the conversations of the astronauts, recorded by HAM radio operators on earth, who would have known if the radio transmissions had come from anywhere else but the moon.

As for the quality of the photos and video, well, computers were in their infancy, the ones on the vehicles were very crude and suffered frequent failures, code 606 errors. The most powerful computer of the time was an IBM 360-50, which had the computing power of a hand-held calculator of today, yet took up two floors on a large industrial building and many technicians to service as the magnetic reels of tape needed to be changed and adjusted continually. It could barely handle the tic tac toe game. Video quality was exceedingly poor, even under ideal conditions in a studio. The photo graphs were doctored, in some cases, to hide some of what the astronauts discovered up there, things the HAMs heard them talking about, on channels that weren't blocked to them by ground stations of NASA. Things NASA didn't want let out. Santa Claus was a code. It was validation that on the far side of the moon, they saw 'alien' activity.

Man has been to the moon, many times and many times since the NASA moon missions ended. Sorry to conflict with the naysayers who make a lot of hay by fooling people, especially those foolish enough to think the earth is flat.
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What if the moon is round and the earth is flat?
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