Vespers, Prime, Compline, Advent, etc.
Ancilla Press just put up an ad with FE (see index page) and after checking their stuff out, I thought I'd pointout a few things that might be of interest to Fishies.

They've got these highly inexpensive ($3.00 each!) booklets that contain the Offices of Prime, Complin, Vespers, etc.

[Image: VespersCover.gif]

On a timely note (a month away), they have the Little Office of Advent for those who want to pray the Office in preparation for Christmas.

Also for Advent, they have "The Jesse Tree: A Family Guide through the Season of Advent and Philipovka: "An amazing spiritual and fun way for busy Catholic families to commemorate Advent and prepare for the holy feast of Christmas. The Jesse Tree draws from the rich Byzantine tradition and unfolds over the season of Philipovka or Philip's fast that begins on November 15th."

[Image: JesseTreecover.jpg]
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Just a reminder:  It's not too late to get these booklets in time for Advent (starts December 3)!
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I'll give the thread a bump and leave a review of the booklets.

I got the the Office for Prime and Compline as well as the Office of the Dead about two weeks ago, and I am very satisfied with the end results.

The booklets small, not much bigger than a man's wallet, and they can fit into a coat pocket or pant pocket pretty easily.  

There is nothing luxurious about these booklets, they are bound with paper and held together with staples, but they are pretty durable.  The font is a bit small, so if your eyes are bad you might have trouble reading these.  

There are a couple of errors in the formatting, like in the office of the Dead it has a Glory be after one of the Psalms, but that is a very negligible mistake.  These are English prayer books, with only very a few prayers having a Latin text running beside it, like the Confiteor, and the translation of the Psalms is the Douay.

In the end you certainly get your money's worth, these books are a great way to introduce oneself into the daily habit of prayer according to the Roman Office (and this is pre-Pius X's liturgical reforms)
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