Soaking Pig in Whiskey
If theres one thing I know about roasting a Pig, it has to be the soaking it in the whiskey part.
Is that for real? I've only been to one pig roast in my life -- up in Luck, Wisconsin -- and at that particular roast, there was no soakin' in booze. Well, not on the pig's part, anyway.  Mr. Lopez and I, on the other hand, had the very happy duty of sitting up allll night near a small lake, tending the fire as Mr. Hog roasted underground. I'm sure we partook LOL
Hm, I'm trying to test out this picture uploading thing.

[Image: lechon-9002-1003.jpg]

Hahaha, there's some pig for you.  Filipinos cook pig whole at parties all the time.  Good times.  I'm sure that's one way to keep the Muslims from taking over the Northern islands.  [Image: hmmm.gif]


Pinoy Monk

BAHAHA! Poor piggy. We are such savages *sniffle*. If only Peter Singer saw your hideous post, he would tell you not to be a specieist. Animals are people too *sniffle* BAHAHAH!

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