SatNiteLive now jabbing equally?
Could SatNiteLive have begun to bring back its old self? I mean, prior to 2001, they were jabbing at both parties and then the switch and the loss of half their audience. But here's a little bit of one of their shows that takes some good jabs at the Democrat Party for a change:

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I caught that skit. I don't normally watch that show, because it seems to go through cycles where it will be good for two or three years then stink for 5+, but I did chuckle a bit at that skit. Hopefully the trend continues and the writer responsible for this one didn't get canned. To be fair, I'm not a fan of either party, although it is nice too some equal opportunity mocking for a change.
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They can be funny if they are not pushing Liberal crap 24/7. I remember years back in 2010 they were knocking MSNBC and Al 'not so' Sharpton.

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